Digitising South Africa starts with government departments

Feb 17, 2022

Digitising South Africa starts with government departments

Sometimes we forget that local is lekker. While expensive imported international products often appeal to us through recognisable branding and marketing, we forget that homegrown creations not only support local industries but are often of a higher quality than overseas products.      

This is often very true of the IT industry in South Africa, particularly inside of government. Due to of a lack of uniformity when it comes to procurement policy within the public sector, many government departments opt for established international IT brands with a one-size-fits-all approach. These solutions often fail to address the challenge for which they were purchased for, resulting in frustration across departments, and occasionally litigation between government entities.

These policy misalignments and constraints on departments then cause further frustration when contracts lapse or enter month-to-month arrangements. These not only turn out to be more expensive, but often any digitisation progress that has been made within a department takes a back seat, or is halted altogether, while the issue is resolved over a matter of months.

While digital transformation has become a necessity over the past year, in the public sector, it is much of a one step forward, two steps back process.

Situations such as these have seen government departments reaching out to the private sector for assistance in resolving their automation issues. Ironically, this public-private partnership will ultimately be the key to successful digitisation of government.

Boxfusion has been working with departments around the country, including critical sectors such as Education, the Judiciary and the Department of Labour, to assist in automating their critical processes and ensuring an SLA where there is 99.9% uptime, as well as failover options for when there are the inevitable system outages.

Transforming South Africa digitally starts with transforming government digitally. Boxfusion offers a range of cloud-based solutions that can streamline and automate everything from HR needs to employee engagement; these are perfectly positioned to enable organisations of all sizes with their digital transformation efforts.

Implementation is quick and easy, too: we can assist with everything from planning to deployment and support. And thanks to the cloud, we also offer very fast rollouts to meet your strictest deadlines.

Let’s talk about how Boxfusion can assist you on your digitisation journey. Get in touch today and set up a demonstration of our capabilities.

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