Why it’s more than just an award

Oct 21, 2021

Why it’s more than just an award

In early October, Boxfusion was honoured by Microsoft with the Industry Solution Partner of the Year Award. This prestigious event happens annually, with industry heavyweights such as Tarsus on Demand, Mint Group, EY, KPMG and BUI all being nominated for various award categories.

While Boxfusion has won this award three years in a row, it remains a humbling experience for our young team to be recognised on this scale.

In the age of a global pandemic, many people may view such award ceremonies (now digitised) as something superfluous, yet they still have an important role to play across industries and verticals.

Recognition is important for our industry

Being awarded an honour by an important partner like Microsoft not only gives recognition to companies like ours, that work hard throughout the year to deliver excellent services to their clients, but also provides a critical level of legitimacy within respective fields.

This legitimacy can influence a potential customer’s buying decision in a heavily competitive market. Such an endorsement is particularly important for small businesses like ours.

It shows our teams that they matter

Besides this glowing endorsement, such an award assists on several other fronts. For one, it encourages our staff. Boxfusion works with a very young but talented team of local developers to generate software solutions for government. Many of our team members join us fresh out of varsity yet are capable of working together to produce award-winning solutions. Receiving accolades encourages them in their work and motivates them to do better, try harder and achieve more over the coming year.

It encourages new talent

Not only does this award assist companies like ours to retain talent, but it also attracts talent. Each year, we run our annual graduate programme, which encourages computer science graduates to consider doing a year of work experience at Boxfusion. Having Microsoft’s seal of approval on the solutions we produce can help us attract talented individuals to our ranks.

It’s time to stock take

Finally, just entering awards like these helps companies like ours to take stock of how and what we do, what level of service we provide to our clients, and helps us reflect on areas that may need improvement while putting our submission together. It’s an important evaluation exercise of our business, and one we are pleased resulted in this recognition from our partner, Microsoft.

We are honoured that our hard work in the public sector has been recognised, and hope that over the next year, we will continue to create more exciting, innovative and award-winning solutions.

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